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Understanding texts and extracting useful information out of them is often time consuming. That’s where spaCy comes in, together with React-Plotly. These two amazing libraries can save you a lot of time getting the right data out of unstructured texts.

What we’re trying to achieve in this part is to process a text (or file) into a new file that gives us a better look at what data is inside this file, without having to spend countless hours analysing it ourselves.

Because our input data is an excel-file, we can simply read this with pandas and turn it into a…

We want that our newly created program is easily delivered to the client and is easy to install. We need to provide an installer.

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What is an installer?

The Oxford Dictionary tells us the following “A piece of software that installs a program on a computer’s hard disk”.

An installer has much in common with a compressed file, it contains the program components and drops it somewhere in the desired directory.

What is the difference?

An installer has extra options and takes care of the integration in the OS.

Which install framework to use?

There are many install frameworks on the market, some open source and some proprietary. The most commonly know installers…

Concourse CI is a great CI/CD platform for self-hosting your different development pipelines but adding and maintaining them can be a real pain. Our goal today is to ease this process.

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How do we set pipelines in Concourse CI?

Concourse requires us to use the fly CLI tool to configure pipelines to the Concourse server by using .yml configuration files.

fly -t ci set-pipeline -p booklit -c pipeline.yml

We need to do this every time we want to create or change a pipeline, there needs to be a better way.

Automating your pipelines

Creating a self-sustaining pipeline

Concourse pipelines are triggered by checking the Git repository for changes. We can take this to our advantage…


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